November 22, 2013

Road Rash 2002 Game Free Download For Windows

Road Rash 2002 is one of the best and free bikes racing game developed by EA Sports (Electronic Art). Road Rash bike racing game is available for free download and compatible for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Android(Tablet). Many unique bike models are used in the road rash game and these all are accessible for player. There are many background themes and road tracks are included in the game. All roads are difficult but notification makes that easy for the user. All bikes have separately different specifications and racing qualities. Player can also choose the bike and track before racing the game. Road Rash is one of the awesome games and become popular because of its best features and bike racing qualities. There are many buildings are shown in background such as schools, residential houses, parks and all other buildings. It’s not easy to play because of extra transport that create disturbance during the racing. When any player break the game rules so police will arrest him at the spot. If any player wants to beat other competitors then he have to increase the bike speed and used all efficiencies. If you want to win the game so you have use enough knowledge about roads and tracks.

The Road Rash 2002 is based upon different game levels with fix time period. Player has to complete the race in given time other wise he lose the game. Road rash is complete racing adventure package available for full version. It’s an old game and most searched game that is also available for Windows 98. You can also play it with friends, family and co-workers online and offline. Road Rash is video racing game and its so simple, easy and fast to play. You can also install and download it without any problem. Its totally customizable game and you can play it as you want. Player can also make or edit the theme or put your favorite things in the game and then play. There are many intrusting features are used in the game including player fighting, bike one wheeling and many more.

There are many features are included by developers in the Road Rash video game that make it best. Player can mess with other players during race and beat them. Where other vehicles are disturb the player so he has the option to mess with them with different tools. Player has also complete control over bikes during racing and lay down on road and smashed to the vehicles and drivers. During the fast race and because of time limit players drive fast and sometime they lose there movements. You can also note the speed meter in front of screen and keep control your bike and play as well as you can. Road Rash game has many without lyrics sound tracks and other movements’ voices that make the game more intrusting.

Many other features are including in the game like backgrounds, police, clear tracks, plants, trees, peoples, vehicles, heavy bikes and many more. It’s a fully integrated game with user friendly interface for the ease of the all players. Different colors of vehicles are included in the game that makes it colorful. The arrangement of trees and plants besides the road make the location awesome for the users. You can achieve the goal just because of your racing abilities and scene of racing. You have to note the remaining time elapse during the race because time is the most important for your success. There are many popular free racing games are available in market such as Super Bike, Moto Racer 2, MIDTown madness 2, Need for Speed .

System Requirement:

Processor: Pentium 3
Disk Space:600 MB
RAM: 128 MB
VGA Card:32 MB
OS: Windows XP/7/8

Application Detail:

Size: 462 MB
License: Freeware
Version: 1.0(2002)
Developer: EA Sports
Platform: Windows

Road Rash 2002 Game Free Downalod For Windows


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